Theater overview

Listed theater projects

2005, Metamorphosis

A ballet based on Franz Kafka´s novella Metamorphosis
One of four pieces at Alexander Kølpin´s Summer Ballet, Bellevue Theatre 2005
Idea, instruction and scenography by Marco Evaristti
Dancer: Eddie - Edhem Jesenkovic
Music: Chris Lancaster and Marco Evaristti

2006, Uncle Danny

Instruction: Martin Miehe-Renard & Kenneth Kreutzmann.
Manuscript: Martin Miehe-Renard
Music: Chris Lancaster & Black Sounds
Scenography: Marco Evaristti

2007, Grace Was Here

Based upon Lars von Triers´ movie ’Dogville’.
Manuscript by: “ILLUSTRATORERNE” - Christian Lollike, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and Mads Madsen.
Instruction: Christian Lollike.
Scenography: Marco Evaristti.
Copenhagen May 2007

2014, Nine By Seven

Bring together an avant garde rock cellist, 6 Flex dancers and a punk ballerina from Brooklyn, a platinum hip hop producer, shamanistic singer, a rapper from Denmark, a controversial visual artist, and let them inspire each other. What would happen?