Architecture Projects

Selected architecture projects


1994, Brotherhood Chapel

Concept for a chapel for the three monotheistic religions
Recreation of Evaristti’s final project at The Royal Danish Academy for architecture.

2003, Bargdaal Harbour

The main idea of the project is to strengthen a challenged community through architecture, putting emphasis on harbour and school.


2003, Bargdaal School

“Architecture for life“
The main idea of the project is to strengthen a challenged community through architecture. The spiral serves as a both symbolic and functional form, symbolizing the focal point of education in general and for this specific area in particular as an important way out of poverty.

2003, Rowhouse

A concept for row houses securing privacy in a common ground

download (3).jpeg


2007, Gallery Bridge

Build in Aalborg, Denmark
Builder: Gallery Wolfsen Completed: 2009
Award for Best Architecture by the Aalborg Municipality 2009

2010, Studio Apartment

Conversion of a former industrial silo for youth housing in Aalborg, Denmark. Concept.



2011, Leda

16.000 square meter office building Aalborg, Denmark.

2011, The Swan

12.000 square meter office building in Aalborg, Denmark.

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2011, Hovden

Sketches for a winter cabin in Norway.

2012, Kirkebjerg New District

60.000 square meter office building and private housing for the new Kirkebjerg district in Brøndby, Denmark



2012, The Three Graces

“Architecture inspired by Art”
Concept for high rise building.

2013, Luang Prabang

Proposal for hotel resort in Luang Prabang, Laos.
49 keys split into superior & deluxe rooms plus 3 bungalows. 
Facilities: lobby, spa, gym, restaurant with lounge and library.
Commissioner U Hotels


2013, U Sukhumvit Hotel

Sukhumvit in Bangkok is a popular and very buzzling area. It has the dynamics, noise and busy movements of a metropol that never sleeps. When moving around the city you experience a creative vibe – food stalls, light, music, traffic, shopping. When entering your hotel, you want to withdraw and relax – but you still want to feel you are in Bangkok, in Thailand – the land of smiles. Not in just some other international luxury hotel.