Nine By Seven

Bring together an avant garde rock cellist, 6 Flex dancers and a punk ballerina from Brooklyn, a platinum hip hop producer, shamanistic singer, a rapper from Denmark, a controversial visual artist, and let them inspire each other. What would happen? 
This was what Chris Lancaster and Marco Evaristti had to find out. They're sure it will be something the world had never seen or heard before. And so they created “Nine by Seven” a production that would facilitate an international collaboration between their two networks bringing cutting edge artists in Brooklyn and Denmark together. 
Chris a cellist composer specializing in dance music discovered a inspirational new style called Flex from East New York and began creating live performances with them. They immediately discovered his other-worldly electro-acoustic cello style was a perfect match for their transformative dance as was punk ballet rockstar Alison Clancy and a creative friendship was cemented. When Chris shared their work with Marco on a visit to his studio in Copenhagen he also met Marco's new talented friends Documentarist Casper Steffensen, singer Louisa, rapper Niki Bernard and LOC’s producer Esben Thornhal. And as they all began create music and dream together it felt like destiny to bring everyone together and so Marco was compelled to organize and write a history to cross continent collaboration and continue to sew these unique seeds of creativity.