U Sukhumvit Bangkok

Sukhumvit in Bangkok is a popular and very buzzling area. It has the dynamics, noise and busy movements of a metropol that never sleeps. When moving around the city you experience a creative vibe – food stalls, light, music, traffic, shopping. When entering your hotel, you want to withdraw and relax – but you still want to feel you are in Bangkok, in Thailand – the land of smiles. Not in just some other international luxury hotel.
Therefore the concept for U Sukhumvit Bangkok is to have a hotel of all modern luxury commodities set in an ambience of Thai culture. Based on the different colours and moods of the provinces of Thailand – from the mountains to the sea – the lobby area feels like a refuge from the buzzling life that goes on right outside, and each floor has its own identity. The various identities represent different parts – geographically and/or culturally – of Thailand. Thus moving from floor to floor is like a journey through beautiful, comforting, exotic, fascinating and modern Thailand. 

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