Pink State - The Rauður Thermal Project

PINK STATE – Greenland, Mont Blanc, Sahara, Norway - now Iceland – Pink State has materialised again!

The 5th Pink State, The Rauður Thermal Project, has seen the light of day. This morning the utopian state of Pink State claimed as it´s new territory the magnificent Strokkur Geysir in Iceland. "The beauty of the Nature keeps overwhelming me. When I decorate the Nature – when I make landscape paintings in and on the landscape - I can't think of a more beautiful motive and canvas in one." Pink State claims its territory, and just as soon backs away from it. The state is temporary – it lasts only as long as the colour it self.

geysir_evaristti (1 of 4) 2.jpg
geysir_evaristti (3 of 4) 2.jpg