Pink State - The Mont Rouge Project

As soon as Evaristti had completed The Ice Cube Project he decided that the project would continue with further land reclamations. After having included the Arctic Ocean he would continue by including the highest point (in Europe), Mont Blanc and then the hottest and driest, the Sahara.

Mont Blanc would prove to be more difficult as all the material would have to be carried to the summit. Some test runs with the red food colouring on Mont Blanc prior to the great ascent resulted in Evaristti’s arrest and the confiscation of all of his food colouring by the police. The food colouring was therefore replaced by 300 m2 of red mist and a flag pole for the Pink State flag.

On 8 June 2007 Evaristti and his team of helpers reached the summit of Mont Blanc and a further piece of land was declared Pink State. A tent and a mail box were also set up in the territory so that Pink State could offer shelter and communication.

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