Terrorialista is a silver patina bronze sculpture in 28 parts, which together form a complete human body. However, this is not a nice and regular jigsaw puzzle where all of the pieces fit neatly together, but instead are parts that have been stripped away from the rest of the body. A head, a torso, a thigh, etc.
The parts of the sculpture are cast on the background of photographs from an actual act of terror, where a bomb killed both Israelis and Palestinians, men, women and children out shopping. Evaristti has studied the photographs from the event in minute detail and recreated various torn away body parts in bronze. There are body parts from people from both sides of the conflict. Friends and enemies have all been combined in one moment of death and chaos. Differences in gender, nationality, faith and age have all ceased.
The title of the work is a combination of terrorist and territorial. It is one of Evaristti’s first re-workings of territory and its significance to human acts. This theme is further explored in the lavish Pink State.  

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