Pink State - The Red Crack Project

Iceberg 2004. Mountain 2007. Desert 2008. Cloud 2008. Nature is infinitely rich and seemingly inexhaustible for Evaristti. His most recent development of Pink State took place in March 2013 in the small town of Hovden in Norway. On a skiing holiday in February he had fallen in love with a 70 metre high and 40 metre wide frozen waterfall. One month later he had painted the waterfall red! The action infuriated the mayor. He had not been asked for permission, for as Evaristti says "Nature belongs to all of us".

The painted waterfall created quite a stir until it became apparent that this was an artistic endeavour and that the paint was food colouring. In the full spirit of the project there ensued a fierce debate about nature and our journey through it. Who can be allowed to do anything in nature, which essentially belongs to everybody and nobody. Nature is its own. When Evaristti highlights this with his red food colouring this is to make us see nature and to take care of it. Everything is transitory. And in a few months the frozen waterfall will have melted and the colouring will have been rinsed away.