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2004, The Ice Cube Project

In 2004 Evaristti travelled to Greenland armed with red food colouring with the intention of establishing a provisional Pink State by painting an iceberg in Ilulissat Ice Fjord.

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2007, The Mont Rouge Project

As soon as Evaristti had completed The Ice Cube Project he decided that the project would continue with further land reclamations. After having included the Arctic Ocean he would continue by including the highest point (in Europe), Mont Blanc.

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2008, The Arido Rosso Project

In 2008 the Sahara Desert would be included in the Pink State project. Despite a broken leg (in pink plaster!) Evaristti and his team ventured out into the desert. The pink camel was not initially accepted when it returned to its flock.

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2008, The Pink Cloud Project

On the opening day for the first complete showing of the Pink State project in Kunsthalle Krems in Austria, Evaristti was forging ahead with a new transitory material – red smoke. From the airspace above the Kunsthalle he dropped his “smoke bomb” from a helicopter which released a cloud of smoke that immediately mixed in with the clouds.


2013, The Red Crack Project

The project took place in March 2013, in the small town of Hovden in Norway. On a skiing holiday in February he had fallen in love with a 70 metre high and 40 metre wide frozen waterfall. One month later he had painted the waterfall red!

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2015, The Rauður Thermal Project

Greenland, Mont Blanc, Sahara, Norway - now Iceland – Pink State has materialised again!
Pink State claims its territory, and just as soon backs away from it. The state is temporary – it lasts only as long as the colour it self.