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Life auction


Life auction

You can donate a kidney at www.lifeauction.dk, which will then be auctioned. You will become a kidney poorer but 300,000 Kroner richer. It only takes five days in a 5-star hotel in India!

It is not illegal for a Dane to purchase a kidney abroad and to then be treated in Denmark. There is a widespread ongoing trade in organs in India and Pakistan in which Danes are involved. The trade in organs is an area of tension between the vital needs of the sick and the financial destitution of the poor. The trade is an illustration of the imbalances between rich and poor in the global community.

www.lifeauction.dk is an art project that was launched by Evaristti in April 2012 with a major poster campaign in the streets of Copenhagen. The posters featured the text "do you have one healthy kidney too many?" Since then more than sixty donors have registered and after a consultation with a psychologist the kidneys are put up for sale on the website. The aim of the project is to create a debate around organ donation based on financial destitution.

Visitors to Trapholt are welcome to take a registration form for their information. The form provides information about what is involved in a kidney operation. You can register directly via the website www.lifeauction.dk