Forgive Me Helena

Marco Evaristti on the work:

"All religions basically draw on the same thoughts and ideas. My new work “Forgive me, Helena” is a hope and a cry that the three major monotheistic religions can get along with each other better. The Bible, the Koran and the Torah are lying in an aquarium full of water, sand, plants and veil tails. With time they will dissolve and be returned to the great cycle of Nature.

When I created “Helena” with the veil tails in the blenders, the person could decide on the life and death of the fish. The fish are now swimming over the books that are the basis for large parts of our culture. Perhaps they nibble these in their unconscious and in this way help to create more balance in the universe."

Concerned about the terrible hatred and the lack of understanding between religions, it is my wish to forget the bitterness and sing a hymn to peace.