Marco Evaristti

Evaristti Studios is founded by Chilean born, Danish based Marco Evaristti, who holds a Master´s Degree in Architecture from the Danish Royal Academy where he was a student of world renowned architect Henning Larsen. For more than 20 years Evaristti has himself become world renown for his career as professional artist. Throughout the years, architecture has never left his heart or his hands, and he has continuously worked on private projects as well as large commission projects.

Marco Evaristti was born 1963 in Santiago, Chile. He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark and Bangkok, Thailand. As an artist, Marco Evaristti is known for his ability to create art that stirs the emotions and provoke debate amongst his audience. A good example of this is the Helena exhibition in the Danish museum ‘Trapholt’ in 2000, where 10 blenders were exhibited each with a gold fish swimming around inside, leaving it up to the visitors to decide the fate of the fish. Amongst his more significant projects one finds Pink State. Pink State is the artist´s own independent state – a state of mind – with passport and constitution, but without controlled as well as controlling borders. Pink State, however, materializes from time to time, transitory, as it happened in Greenland in 2004 with The Ice Cube Project, in 2007 at the summit of Mont Blanc - The Mont Rouge Project - in the Sahara with The Arido Rosso Project, 2008, and latest in Noorway, 2013, with The Red Crack Project. All projects deal with issues of territorial power and brotherhood.

In his installations, Evaristti uses a unique choice of materials often taken directly from nature. These types of media, which range from diamonds and gold to sperm and blood, serve not only to provoke thought and debate among his audience, but as a means of heightening the experience of the viewer, making the work more 'real' in a sense. In such a way, Evaristti is able to confront people with realities, taboos or the like, from which they tend to avert their eyes, thereby creating both a psychological, as well as a visceral, response. In such a manner Evaristti aspires to achieve his aim, his works forcing the viewer to take a stand on serious issues concerning humanity. The architecture of Evaristti Studios is defined by Evaristti and his Scandinavian approach, mixed with Asian tranquility and Latin American passion topped by the artist´s mindset - approaching each assignment specifically, focused and dedicated.

Evaristti Studios creates design that is thought-provoking and away from standard, ordinary solutions, maintaining focus on suiting the human being´s need for flexible, creative, mind-opening solutions. New thoughts, life, values and courage come from change. Evaristti Studios will never meet its beholder with an expected seen-before solution, however the solution will always be meeting the clients needs and wishes. For Evaristti Studios, the understanding of clients´ wishes and the required functionality of a project, as well as budgeting considerations, are always at the core of attention.