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The Last Fashion


The Last Fashion

The Last Fashion is a clothes collection designed by Marco Evaristti. The inspiration came from Death Row in the USA when he learned that prisoners are given a new set of clothes before their sentence is carried out. Each set of clothes in Marco Evaristti’s collection refers to crimes that carry the death penalty in the USA. Naturally everything is held together by stitching and Velcro as you cannot have metal zips and buttons in clothing for a person who is destined for the electric chair as metal does of course conduct heat, which can cause burns.

The clothes are in Evaristti’s characteristic pink colour scale (with reference to the Pink State project) with many dramatic details and elements, which at times make it difficult to move around. One garment is green, blue and yellow, which refers to the three substances given to the prisoner before execution is carried out: 1) one to help you sleep 2) one that affects your breathing and 3) one that affects the heart. The collection was presented by living models in August 2008 in the form of a stylish fashion show during the official fashion week, Copenhagen Fashion Week, which can be seen on video in the exhibition.

In conjunction with The Last Fashion Evaristti has produced a series of Barbie-like dolls. A male version modelled on Evaristti himself and a female version, both wearing clothes from the collection and either sitting in an electric chair, on a bunk in a death cell or hanging in gallows.