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The Constituion Of Pink State

The Constitution Of Pink State


§ 1 Pink State is a state of mind.
§ 2 Evaristti is sovereign head of state. § 3 The legislative power rests with the Evaristti and the people.
§ 4 Freedom of faith is the accepted state religion in Pink State and is supported as such by the state. 


§ 5 As a citizen of Pink State you are required to be good to yourself.
§ 6 As a citizen of Pink State you are required to be good to others.
§ 7 As a citizen of Pink State you are required to be good to nature. 


§ 8 The passing of a new law requires only Evaristti endorsement.
§ 9 Evaristti may on behalf of the people put forward suggestions for laws and other decisions.
§ 10 A law proposal endorsed by the people becomes effective 43 hours at the latest after it has received Evaristti’s assent. 

§ 11 Evaristti orders the proclamation of a law and sees that it is carried out.
§ 12 Evaristti can reprieve and grant amnesty.
§ 13 Decisions regarding the appointment of public officials rest with Evaristti.
§ 14 Public officials appointed by Evaristti give an informal assurance that they will uphold the constitution.
§ 15 Everyone who believes in the Constitution of Pink State has the right to citizenship with Evaristti’s approval. 


§ 16 Pink State has no constitutional religion.
§ 17 Citizens have the right to be a member of society without worshipping a God.
§ 18 No one is obliged to make personal financial contributions to any God. 


§ 19 Your personal freedom is inviolable.
§ 20 Anyone is entitled in print, writing or speech, to make public his/her thoughts.
§ 21 Associations, who seem or seek to achieve their goals through violence, incitement to violence or similar criminal harassment of those of other philosophies, will be abolished by Evaristti.
§ 22 Citizens, without prior consent from Evaristti, have the right to peaceable assembly.
§ 23 All weapons are forbidden.
§ 24 Pink State has no army, navy or airforce. 


§ 25 i You may have other gods than the others and me.
§ 25 ii You may take your own God ́s name in vain, but not others ́ and not mine.
§ 25 iii You do not have to respect the day of rest.
§ 25 iv You must honour the person you believe deserves it.
§ 25 v You may not kill.
§ 25 vi You may break a marriage in a friendly way.
§ 25 vii You may steal back anything that has been stolen from you.
§ 25 viii You may report anyone who has spoken against humanism.
§ 25 ix You may covet your neighbour ́s house.
§ 25 x You may covet your neighbour ́s wife, servants or animals or anything which belongs to your neighbour. 


§ 26 This Constitutional Act shall come into operation at once.