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Books Overview

The following page is an index of all books, created by or for artist Marco Evaristti.



Marco Evaristti 2013

Marco Evaristti's book created in 2013. With all his visions to the dedicated project 'Pink State', but also his art and installations.


LSD (Life, sex & death) 2003

The relationship between art and society is a theme, which in the twentieth century has served as the object for impassioned discussion and consequently triggered off vehement debate. The same can be said about the expansions in the very notion of art that have been going on since around 1910.
Since the middle of the 1980's, the visual artist Marco Evaristti, who is a Latin American and a Jew, a Dane and an immigrant, has been creating unforeseen and provocative contributions, which are the nonetheless always pregnant with meaning, to these kinds of precess-based forms of art. 


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