Evaristti Studios

30 degress



30°ME is available from october 5'th at Illums Bolighus, Copenhagen

>>Throughout my career as an artist, one of my main sources of inspiration has been to challenge the existing way of seeing the world. Insistingly asking questions through my art, never accepting status quo and even less, tabooes. These positions would always be challenged by me.

Standing in front of my system of shelves one day, looking for a particular book, I wondered why the system and all other shelving systems known to me, so obviously worked against the books natural resting position. All books lean in order to fall. Why not embrace that leaning position? As so often before, I used the change in perspective to create something differing from the usual way of seeing and experiencing things.<< // Marco Evaristti


30°ME Furnitures

The purpose of 30° concept in furnitures is to mess with your perception; it brings a skewed state to the usual story narrated by human standards. I used this shift to create something differing from the way of seeing and experiencing things. The 30° change of perspective makes the furniture different enough to avoid a normal interaction and create a new understanding.